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See What We Do at Ingensity IP

Ingensity IP advises life sciences-related companies and their investors on intellectual property strategy. Ingensity IP provides an IP Fitness assessment to understand the breadth and depth of a company’s IP portfolio and the surrounding IP landscape. Ingensity IP translates this information into actionable steps the company can take to strengthen its competitive position and align its IP strategy in sync with the company’s business goals and timelines.

Ingensity IP works with startup companies to strengthen their IP portfolio and competitive positioning, construct an IP strategy plan for moving forward and communicate IP strategy to board members and investors.

Ingensity IP works with investors to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a potential investment target’s IP portfolio and risks associated with 3rd party IP, as well as providing strategies for strengthening competitive position and mitigating risk.

How Can Ingensity IP Work With You?

Ingensity IP is a new legal model for working with companies and their investors. Ingensity IP goes beyond the billable hour and the traditional “parachute in” approach to know your business goals and work closely with your business strategy and product timelines.

Ingensity IP provides business-focused IP evaluations and strategic plans in a cost-effective budget-predictable manner.

IP portfolio evaluation and strategies for strengthening the competitive position
Patent filing strategies and claim drafting
3rd party IP evaluation
Confidentiality agreements, materials transfer agreements, and collaboration arrangements
New project evaluation – patentability and freedom-to-operate assessments
IP strategy planning and communications to investors

Using a monthly subscription model, Ingensity IP is there for both general and specific inquiries. Through client-specific dedicated portals, share issues, questions, and documents. Ingensity IP is on-call for your matters as they arise in day-to-day business. The subscription model is a fixed-fee per-month arrangement.

IP Fitness Assessments and Plans

IP Fitness Assessments

What does your IP portfolio look like?
Does it protect your current products and products in development?
Does it cover variations of your products? Competitors’ products?
Are you in the early stages of product development – do you have a plan to protect the fruits of your efforts?
Does your portfolio cover the global countries where you are marketing and manufacturing?
What are you protecting?
Have you protected individual features of your product as well as combinations of features?
Have you considered protecting methods of making and using your products?
Are there some features better protected as trade secrets?
What are your competitors doing, and how does their IP impact your business plans?

IP Fitness Planning

Pre-diligence assessment and preparation for financing, acquisition, partnership, and IPO
IP Assessment of acquisition and licensing targets
Landscape assessment for new products directions
Litigation risk mitigation

Landscape and Competitor Analyses

Market landscape & opportunity planning
Competitor analyses
Patent landscape mapping for target product development areas
Portfolio landscape and differentiation
What is the breadth and depth of your patent portfolio for protection against competitors?
How does your IP portfolio align with your future product plans?
Risk assessment
Do others control IP relevant to your product development?
How broad and strong is the 3rd party IP?
Assessment of enforceability and potential mitigation strategies

Breadth and depth of patent coverage for key products and development candidates
“Pressure testing” of strategic patents to stand up to IPR and litigation challenges
Timelines of regulatory and patent-related exclusivities
Litigation readiness

How Strong and Deep is Your Portfolio?

Market Exclusivity and Longevity

Risk and opportunity analysis for enforcement of patent portfolio
Strategic rights distribution

Impact of licensing and sub-licensing on IP enforceability and damages recovery